Friday, 16 May 2014

Lego Movie Videogame Review

Hi everybody today I will be reviewing The Lego Movie Videogame. A simple description for the Lego movie video game is fun. The game does not have as much open world as Lego Marvel Superheroes but it has hub worlds. Each hub world has its own secrets which are fun to find with or without friends and/or family. The story of the game is based on the movie so I suggested you watch the movie before playing the game (if you have not seen it already). The game is about an ordinary Lego construction man named Emmet becomes the most important person in the entire world (of Lego obviously).  Emmet finds a special brick that makes him the most important person in the world, but in every good game there is a bad guy and the bad guy in this game is trying to shoot the entire Lego world with a special gun he calls the “K*********r” (I am not going to spoil any details) and worst of all the bad guy is also the president. But since Emmet is just an ordinary minifigure, he obviously has an awesome team which he does and one of his teammates is Batman!! While trying to stop the bad guy Emmet has to learn how to be a “Master Builder”. The gameplay has not changed except for the fact that female Lego cannot double-jump but they can still jump higher than male Lego. I highly recommend this game for people of all ages, even for all of you C.O.D. players as a de-stress game if you are so angry after getting killed during a killstreak by a noob. I give this game a 75 because there quite a few glitches and the load screens are long but the game has a great story. 

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